To prepare patients for the risks of anesthesia and surgery through education. To encourage patients to ask well informed questions prior to surgery and anesthesia.

Preparing For Surgery

Common Concerns of Surgery

Many patients daily face the challenges of surgery and anesthesia. They often have common concerns that need to be addressed. Surgeries are scheduled in such a way that a patient may not have time or the background to ask the important questions. In the best of circumstances, a patient has only minutes with their busy surgeon before initiating the process of getting ready for surgery.

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The Road to Surgery

Soon after your initial visit you will be directed to have unfamiliar testing and evaluations with unknown professionals in a short period of time. It is unlikely you will have the time to meet with your surgeon again before your surgery. Unfortunately, you will not be able to ask the questions that arise as the date of your operation approaches. This process is foreign to most patients and can lead to undue anxiety. Increased stress at the time of surgery can lead to increased complications. We are here to guide you through all the necessary steps to prepare for your surgery and recovery. With our help you will know all the important questions to ask your doctors to help you stay safe through your surgery and recover more quickly.

Other Things to Consider

Many other issues must be considered during your surgical experience such as the possibility of complications, unusual diseases and new technology. We also must eventually consider how we will pay for medical services supplied on our behalf.

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