Preparing for surgery may be one of the most important things you will have to do some day. Someday your doctor will let you know that surgery is necessary for your health and well-being. When this occurs, it could be one of the most anxiety provoking situations you may ever experience. We can help you get ready for surgery.

Knowing the questions to ask and the situations you will experience will help you prepare and be comfortable with your surgery.

We are here at Surgi-Ready to help guide you through this difficult time and prepare for surgery.

How to Prepare for Surgery

  1. Trust your surgical team including your anesthesia provider.Get to know them and ask the questions that are important. This will help you become more comfortable as the surgery approaches. An informed patient is more likely to have a better outcome.
  2. Trust that you have made a good choice.Do some careful research about your health care providers before the case and it will help you feel at ease.
  3. Take steps to understand what is to happen.Ask questions and consider the alternatives. Rely on trusted sources for your information. Listen to the advice of your health care team.
  4. Plan for your procedure. Your doctor may ask you to lose weight, exercise and stop smoking. Make sure you follow the recommendations of your doctors. This will help decrease the risk of surgery.
  5. Prepare for your discharge to home. Most surgeries today need no hospitalization or minimal stays in the hospital. Make sure you have someone to take you home.
  6. Make sure your home is ready for your return. Rearrange furniture to make it easier for you.
  7. Get help from a family member when you return home. This will make your recovery easier and safer.

Worried About Surgery?

It is not uncommon to feel anxiety before undergoing surgery. A patient often feels an uneasiness, tension or some degree of stress. This can sometimes lead to difficulties during your procedure. It is in your best interest to address this before your surgery.


What are the reasons that causes so many to feel this way?

Here is a list of some of the more common causes:

  1. The fear of losing control
  2. Fear of the unknown
  3. Fear of anesthesia
  4. Loss of your identity
  5. Postoperative pain
  6. Recovery from surgery
  7. Fear of death
  8. Postoperative disability

What Doctors Think

Doctors believe that preparing patients for surgery makes for a better outcome.

Your doctor will first do a preoperative evaluation in the office. They will want to know as much about you as possible to determine if you are a good candidate for surgery.

In addition, they will rely on your primary care doctor to assure that you are ready for your procedure. It is likely they will recommend a visit with him/her to determine if this is the case.

Today it is possible you will speak to nurses from his staff or from the hospital who will ask you questions regarding your previous medical history. This information will be passed on to the members of the anesthesia team to detect any potential issues that may affect your care during surgery.

The purpose of this website is to offer you some insight so that you will know what to expect. It will help you to ask the important questions for yourself or loved ones.

We are not here to take the place of your physician nor do we give medical advice. Think of us as a friendly impartial guide. We hope you will benefit from our experience surrounding anesthesia, surgery, and recovery

Surgeons in operating room
Our Goal – The goal of our website is to help patients prepare for surgery to improve their outcome. We will help you understand the steps patients take through the surgery experience.
A Guide – We will guide you through the stages patients experience during surgery. This is from the moment they receive the news that surgery is necessary, through the recovery.
Insights – We will help you communicate with your physician and healthcare givers.

Learn More – Prepare for Surgery

Get Ready for Surgery:

On the road to surgery

After an evaluation you will be told that surgery is necessary. This will be to either diagnose or to treat your medical condition. You will then be told to prepare for surgery. Here is where the surgical experience begins.

Follow our Roadmap to  Surgery

Our website will help you prepare for what you will encounter. If you get ready for surgery in advance with the important questions, you will improve your chances.
We have divided the surgical experience into stages to make it easier for you to understand.
Get Ready for Surgery

How to get ready for surgery

Arriving for Surgery

What happens on your arrival

Anesthesia & Surgery

How anesthesia prepares you

Types of Anesthesia

Choose the best anesthetic

Recover from surgery

How you recover from surgery


Complications from your surgery

Common Concerns of Surgery

There are several concerns that seem to be on the mind of patients as they approach the day of surgery. These are persisting nausea & vomiting, general anesthesia, waking up during surgery and severe pain. We give you insights into these topics so you can get ready for surgery and help your anesthesia caregiver prevent them from happening.

We Are Here to Guide You

We are here to guide you through all the necessary steps necessary to prepare for surgery and recovery. With our help you will know all the important questions to ask your doctors.  This may help you stay safe through your surgery and additionally recover more quickly.

  • Join us as we take you through the many stages of preparation.
  • We will give you the knowledge you need to ask the important questions of your surgeon, anesthesia providers and nurses.
  • We are not here to replace your providers but to act as a bridge to better communication.
  • We want your experience to be the best possible and to help you recover quickly.

Preparing for Surgery

The professionals at Surgi-Ready have extensive experience in preparing patients for surgery in medical centers. We are here to share our knowledge to help you have the best experience possible for your surgery. How to safely prepare for surgery is our main concern.