Operating Room Nurse

The time will arrive when all necessary preparations and procedures are complete.  It is time to go to the operating room.  In many centers, the nurses from the operating room will arrive to take you away for surgery.  They will review your chart, ask you who you are, what surgery you expect to have and the name of your surgeon.  Once they are satisfied all is correct you will be taken to the operating room.  In many centers, the transport of the patient is now completed by anesthesia and the operating room nurses will ask their questions when you arrive in the operating room.  Some centers believe this latter scenario facilitates the transfer of patients and makes the process more efficient.

The Transfer Process

As you move along in your stretcher you will experience the cold corridors of the operating room and eventually reach the frigid operating room itself brightly lit and peppered with the bustle of a team with a purpose.  As they park your stretcher alongside the operating room table you will be encouraged to transfer over to the Operating Room table but don’t expect them to wait, for time is money.  If you are unable to transfer quickly they will use a roller.  They simply ask you to cross your arms.  The nurses will tip you on your side, slide a roller under you and with a firm push you will end up on the ice-cold operating room table.  If there is a nice circulating nurse in the room they will place a warm blanket on the table before you are slid on to it and give you one to place on top.  

Narrow Operating Room Tables

The table will appear extremely narrow and your arms will dangle on both sides.  Fortunately, there are arms rests which attach to both sides of the tale upon which you may place them while they get you off to sleep. The reason OR tables are so narrow is that the surgeon must be as close to you as possible during surgery.  You will notice there are seat belts that keep you secure on the table.  They will use these once you are asleep so that you remain safe.  In addition,  if you happen to be significantly overweight there are extenders that slide under your sides to expand the size of the table.