To prepare patients for the risks of anesthesia and surgery through education. To encourage patients to ask well informed questions prior to surgery and anesthesia.

Deciding on Surgery

Deciding on Surgery

Elective Surgery

The road to elective surgery often starts in the surgeon’s office.  A patient is seen for a complaint, the surgeon evaluates, diagnosis is made and a surgery is scheduled.  Depending on the urgency of the problem the case is scheduled anywhere from one week to 2 months out.  This is often influenced by the surgeon’s schedule or that of the operating room.  

Surgeon Schedules

Surgeons often schedule most of their cases on one day of the week and if t­hat day fills up they may not want to schedule the next case until their next full day in the operating room.  They do not like to schedule solo cases on off days unless they are emergencies­­­­.  

Best to be Patient

Even though we want our problems dealt with quickly it is best to be patient.  If you trust your surgeon it is best to have him or her on a regular working day rather than at the end of a long day when they are fatigued or an off day when they are rushed.

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Can I chose my favorite Anesthesia Provider?
In most cases this can happen but you may want to make this request well in advance in your surgeon's office or at the time  you see someone for an anesthesia consultation. This request must get to the anesthesia providers that manage the surgery center so that they can make the arrangements.  In most cases they will usually make an attempt to fulfill your request.
Can I ask for a woman provider?
This is a common request especially from women. If you make this request in advance it is very likely the staff will be able to comply with your wishes.
Can I schedule my day and time of surgery?
This is a common question asked by many patients. It is perfectly reasonable to ask this but remember that many physicians do not operate every day of the week. They may be limited to certain days that fit their schedule. You may also consider that a surgeon may be better in the morning compared to the end of the day. Everyone is human and can be more prone to mistakes at the end of a long busy day.
Can I schedule my surgery in my favorite hospital?
This is a good question but is totally dependent on where your doctor has privileges. This is a question you may want to ask early in your evaluation or possibly before you confirm that appointment. Most doctors have privileges in many hospitals and you may be able to go where you want, but there are no guarantees.