To prepare patients for the risks of anesthesia and surgery through education. To encourage patients to ask well informed questions prior to surgery and anesthesia.

Registering at the Hospital

Important Process

Registering on the day of surgery is very important.  It helps the system determine who you are, whether you are the correct person getting surgery and that there will be payment for services.  Today it is likely you will receive a call from the hospital’s admitting office days before surgery to confirm key information.  This may help prevent those unfortunate cancellations on the day of surgery due to an insurance misunderstanding.  This is process is very important to verify your identity and synchronize it with the copy of your record in the system.  

Medical Insurance

A copy of your current medical insurance card will be scanned so that your coverage for that specific diagnosis and procedure can be verified.  Once this is complete, you will be sent for surgical preparation.  It is important to note you should bring an identification such as your driver’s license and your medical insurance card with you.  If you have a supplementary insurance it is important you bring that with you also.

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What do I need to register?
It is important you bring a form of identification such as a driver's license or a passport. You should also bring your medical insurance card or if you are covered under someone else's insurance, their card. If necessary, your legal guardian should also come with you.