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Wound Infection After Surgery

Infections Are a Serious Matter

An infection of a surgical wound can occur and may be a harbinger of more serious things.  This may occur simply because of the injury that resulted in the procedure.  If there is an injury with soiling this would increase the risk of infection.  An abdominal injury with spillage into the abdominal cavity could lead to a great likelihood of postoperative infection.  

Preventing Infections

There are a number of steps the surgical team takes to prevent this from happening.  Most patients are asked to take a bath with antiseptic soap before the procedure.  Antibiotics are given before the surgery.  The wounds are cleaned thoroughly.  The anesthesia team will also use other techniques to prevent postoperative infection such as maintaining a normal temperature and controlling blood sugars. Make sure you talk to your anesthesia provider or surgeon if you have concerns.

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