Significant Concerns

There will be occasions when either a surgeon or a healthcare giver will recognize significant problems with your medical condition that may be of concern. In this case, an Anesthesia Consultation may be requested days before surgery. The intent is to determine if your condition will require cancellation of the surgery or if there will are special techniques required during the surgery to keep you safe. This evaluation will allow your healthcare team to identify the problems faced at the time of surgery and adequately prepare for your arrival. This is one of the most important steps you can take to make your surgery a success.


A consulting anesthesiologist or anesthesia provider with advanced training will evaluate the patient and help determine if there is a significant problem.  The anesthesia provider will then decide if more evaluation is necessary but also if there are specific anesthesia techniques that could make the surgery safer.

Medical Situations

Some of the medical situations that may require special considerations for surgery would be:  a history of a difficult intubation, Jehovah’s Witness requirements, history of malignant hypertension, history of myopathy or pseudo cholinesterase deficiency among many others. The anesthesia provider will evaluate and determine if special techniques are necessary for surgery. In many cases this is important  so the anesthesia team is well prepared and there is no delay on the day of surgery.

Anesthesia Preoperative Evaluation

One must be reminded that the day of surgery the patient will have a repeat of evaluation to make sure there has been no change in the medical condition.