Recovering from Anesthesia & Surgery

Patient in OR

Waking up

At the end of surgery, it is time for what is called emergence. It is the time when the patient is expected to wake up from anesthesia. In the case of a general anesthetic the anesthesia medications are discontinued and the medication allowed to disappear from the body. As the anesthetic leaves the brain, the patient will gradually awaken depending on the level of the anesthetic and the medications used. Learn more.

Recovery from Surgery


Once you are awake, you will be taken by stretcher to the recovery room by your Anesthesia Provider.  An oxygen catheter will be placed in your nose to prevent any drops in your blood oxygen levels.   Here you will be watched by well trained nurses specializing in the post-operative recovery of patients.  On arrival, you will be greeted by one or several of the nurses who will quickly attach monitoring devices to ensure your safety.  Learn more.

Going Home

Once you have recovered from surgery and anesthesia, in most situations you will be discharged home to the care of your family.  From the recovery room, you may be taken to a room where you will again be evaluated by nursing staff your IV taken out, the dressings checked  and you will then be allowed to change to your regular clothes.  During this time, they will be looking for any signs of complications from anesthesia or the surgery.  Learn more.

After Effects

We will go overs some of the more common complications you might have to face in the post-operavie period.  Not everyone is affected by these and we hope you are one of the lucky ones.  Learn more.