Going Home or to Your Room

The Discharge Process

Once you have recovered from surgery and anesthesia, in most situations you will be discharged home to the care of your family. From the recovery room, you may be taken to a room where you will again be evaluated by nursing staff your IV taken out, the dressings checked and you will then be allowed to change to your regular clothes. During this time, they will be looking for any signs of complications from anesthesia or the surgery.

Getting Home

Your significant other, who came with you and is expected to drive you home, will receive information on your post-operative instructions and follow up. It is very likely the surgeon will come out and talk to you and your significant other one more time and go over the results of the surgery. It is likely the surgeon will also give you further directions of post-operative care and when they will want to see you in the office. Once you are back in your clothes you will then be taken out to your car by wheel chair. Don’t expect to walk out on your own. It is amazing how long the anesthetic may still have its effect even though you feel quite good. It is not uncommon for a patient to still be unstable on their feet and are at risk of falling.